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First NCEP/UMD Waves Winter School
January 14 - 18, 2013, College Park, Maryland, USA

Workshop participants Waves Winter School 2013 Participants

The wave modeling group at NCEP/NOAA has developed a short course about wave modeling, wave dynamics and the WAVEWATCH III® model, which is intended to become a formal part of the University of Maryland (UMD) curriculum in the future. In preparation to the future for-credit course, NCEP and UMD are sponsoring a one-week workshop at UMD (Wave Winter School), during the 14-18 January 2013.

The Waves Winter School will have 10-20 participants, targeting direct collaborators on wave modeling at NCEP, as well as partners in the ongoing NOPP project on operational wave model improvement. Topics covered will include wave dynamics and modeling, WAVEWATCH III® model basics, grid structures, coding principles, numerics and oceanic and nearshore applications.

The first NCEP/UMD Waves Winter School is sponsored by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NOAA/NCEP) and The University of Maryland's Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science.

Program Schedule, Presentations, and Training Material

Please note that all the lectures and tutorials were prepared for v4.08 of the WAVEWATCH III® model.

In the following table, "* Tutorial PDF" refers to a document that will guide you through the exercises. The "Tutorial_*.tar.gz" contains all of the files that you will need to complete the exercise.

You may also download the entire course (all PDF's and files) here: Waves_Winter_School_2013.tar.gz

If you use any of this material, please remember to give the correct source attribution. Thank you!

Date Time Program Topic
0800-0830 Coffee, welcome and class goals PowerPoint - PDF
0830-0930 Lecture Overview of action balance equation and source terms
PowerPoint - PDF
0930-1030 Pre-compilation of WW3 code
Powerpoint - PDF
1030-1130 Modular structure of WW3 and overview of general features
PowerPoint - PDF
1130-1230 Running the model; single grid version
Powerpoint - PDF
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1730 Code compilation exercises Install and run WAVEWATCH III using the following material:
Compilation Tutorial PDF
Lake Victoria Tutorial PDF
0830-0930 Lecture Multi-grid operation of WW3
PowerPoint - PDF
0930-1030 Grid types and multi-grid integration
Powerpoint - PDF
1030-1130 Concept and application of obstacles
PowerPoint - PDF
1130-1230 Grid generation package
Powerpoint - PDF
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1730 Grid generation exercises Grid generation using MATLAB and the following material:
Grid Generation Tutorial PDF
Curvilinear Grids Tutorial PDF
0830-1030 Lecture Subversion and WW3 coding conventions and ethics
PowerPoint - PDF
1030-1230 Regression testing
PowerPoint - PDF
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1730 WW3 coding exercises Regression testing (waiting for approval)
0830-0900 Lecture Time stepping, limiters and adaptive time stepping
PowerPoint - PDF
0900-0930 Garden Sprinkler Effect and its mitigation
Powerpoint - PDF
0930-1030 Parallel implementation of WW3
PowerPoint - PDF
1030-1200 Wave partitioning and tracking
Powerpoint - PDF
1200-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1730 Numerics exercises Compile and run WW3 in MPI:
MPI Tutorial PDF
Time stepping:
Time Stepping Tutorial PDF
Idealized Garden Sprinkler propagation:
GSE Tutorial PDF
Load balancing (profiling) and optimization:
Profiling Tutorial PDF
Wave partitioning and tracking:
Wave Tracking Tutorial PDF
0830-0930 Lecture Nearshore physics
PowerPoint - PDF
0930-1030 Unstructured grids
Powerpoint - PDF
1030-1130 Quasi-stationary operation
PowerPoint - PDF
1130-1230 Validation using IMEDS
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1600 Near-shore exercises Hawaii Islands unstructured mesh:
Unstructured Tutorial PDF
1600-1630 Comment and suggestions from the participants
1630-1700 Vote of Thanks

Computer and Space Science Building, Rm 3400
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20740

Nearest Metrorail station:
College Park Metro Station (Green Line)

From I-495

  • Take Route 1 South from I-495; cross University Blvd. (Rt 193)
  • Turn right onto Campus Drive, continue to the traffic circle.
  • Bear right off the traffic circle onto Regent's Drive.
  • Take the second left onto Stadium Drive. The Regent's Drive Parking Garage will be on your left at the corner.
  • Across Stadium Drive is the Computer and Space Science Building.

For parking information, please see the University of Maryland Visitor Parking.

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