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Authors: Hendrik L. Tolman MMAB
Title:Scaling of WAVEWATCH III on massively parallel computer architectures. Part I: Hybrid parallelization
Additional Bibliographic Information:41 pp
MMAB Contribution Number:310
Keywords:WAVEWATCH, parallelization
Abstract:This report describes the scaling behavior of the wave model WAVEWATCH III on parallel computer architectures. This study uses previously published parallel and multi-grid implementation techniques, using new tools to use a low-level domain decomposition to extend the scalability of application to larger numbers of processors. It is shown that a hybrid optimization technique with both domain decomposition and data transposes can extend the scaling behavior to larger number of processors for a set of five global grids with resolutions ranging from 2(degrees) to 5'. The largest two grids gan only be run effectively with this new hybrid approach. However, the 5' grid can only be run inefficiently, as the model takes too much memory for model initialization. This issue will be discussed in another report.

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