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Operationally generated graphics of the wave fields (no spectra or source terms) are available from Model Analyses and Guidance.

Bulletin files are available from the Production FTP server. Look for gfs.YYYYMMDD/CC/wave/station/bulls.tCCz/gfswave.stationID.bull
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Significant Wave Height
Wind Sea Wave Height
Primary Swell Wave Height
Secondary Swell Wave Height
Tertiary Swell Wave Height
Wind Speed and Direction
Peak Wave Period
Wind Sea Period
Primary Swell Period
Secondary Swell Period
Tertiary Swell Period
Puerto Rico (GFS) (Latest run) 2021/09/19 06z
Secondary Swell Peak Period and Mean Direction forecast for Hours
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About this product:

The secondary swell period identifies the period (the time between waves) of the next-to-dominant wave system (swell) that is generated elsewhere.