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NCEP/FNMOC Wave Ensemble Product Viewer

The content provided on this page supports model development. These are not official NWS products and should not be relied upon for operational purposes. This web site is not subject to 24/7 support, and thus may be unavailable during system outages.

Operationally generated graphics of the wave fields (no spectra or source terms) are available from Model Analyses and Guidance.

Bulletin files are available from the Production FTP server. Look for gfs.YYYYMMDD/CC/wave/station/bulls.tCCz/gfswave.stationID.bull

Significant Wave Height Wind Speed Peak Wave Period
Mean & Spread Plot - 2022/07/05 00z
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About this product:

The peak period identifies either the period (the time between waves) associated with the locally generated wind sea (in cases with strong local winds) or the dominant wave system (swell) that is generated elsewhere. Note that the peak period field shows discontinuities. These discontinuities can loosely be interpreted as swell fronts, although in reality many swell systems overlap at most locations and times.