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Real-time, global, sea surface temperature (RTG_SST_HR) analysis

ATTENTION! This product was discontinued on Feb. 11, 2020

For a regional map, click the desired area in the global SST analysis and anomaly maps below

global hires sst map

(Anomaly from 1961-1990 climatology, 1 degree, weekly resolution)

global hires anomaly map

Specific Regional Maps

Northeastern Pacific

Northwestern Atlantic

NE Pacific SST Analysis

NE Pacific SST Analysis

NE Pacific SST Anomaly

NE Pacific SST Anomaly

NW Atlantic SST Analysis

NW Atlantic SST Analysis

NW Atlantic SST Anomaly

NW Atlantic SST Anomaly

Details on how the analysis is performed

Details on analysis verification and archival

Details on Land/Sea Mask

Changes in the RTG_SST_HR analysis

Archive of graphics in directories by date

Contact Information

For additional information about data-management and analysis techniques, contact

For information about the run cycle and digital data format, contact

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Last updated September 25, 2014

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