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Interactive Passive Microwave Sea Ice Page

Interactive tools:
  • Form to produce a customized magnification and size of an image around your area of interest
  • Clickable map to generate a magnified image of your area of interest
  • Archive of the images which were created automatically for the main analysis page
For all the magnified images, the size of the pixels (25.4 km, about 14 nautical miles) will be left unchanged, and no interpolation will be done. This is to avoid misleading users to believing that there is more detail than the data really have. This product is not intended for use in navigation!

Custom images take a few seconds to generate. The time required to transfer the image will depend on the size of the region, the magnification, and the area chosen. The range should be a few Kb to a few tens of Kb.

Center point latitude

Center point longitude (use negative for degrees West)

Range from the center point, in kilometers, to display information for

Magnification of Image

You can click on a point in the map below and get a 550 by 550 km image (5 degrees by 5 degrees, 300 nautical miles by 300 nautical miles) centered on the point you select. These images take a few seconds to create, and are typically 3-8 Kb.
Imagemap for Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice

The daily automatically constructed images are archived:

Please write with your comments and suggestions.

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