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NCEP Draft Sea Ice Climatology 1 -- 30 year climatology based on CFSR (Saha et al., 2010) sea ice fields. The original fields are 0.5 degree latitude-longitude, which is continued here.

Two concepts of climatology are shown. In the 'traditional' climatology, the 30 observations for January 1 (1981-2010) are simply averaged. In the 'conditional' climatology, the number of years with an ice cover is tallied, and the average concentration for those years where there is an ice cover is computed.

Grumbine (2014) provides the details on analysis methods and results.

  • Figures -- global, nh, sh; traditional, conditional: average, var,
  • Support -- climo.areas condclimo.areas raw.areas seaice_newland
  • Raw -- rawice.tgz
  • Traditional -- figs.tgz hires.tgz lores.tgz ref.ctl
  • Conditional -- eng5min.all.gz eng.all.gz highres.tgz lores.tgz
  • Statistics -- count.MM, count.MMDD
  • Great Lakes --
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