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The data are from Chapman, W. L. and J. E. Walsh, Long-Range Prediction of Regional Sea Ice Anomalies in the Arctic, Weather and Forecasting, 6, pp 271-288, 1991. The data are available from the The National Snow and Ice Data Center. The only changes at this point are that the fields have been interpolated onto the NCEP sea ice grid. The NCEP grid is more extensive, so that there are zones which report no ice cover.

Examine the end of each month
Northern hemisphere covers 1901 to 1990
Southern hemisphere covers 1973 to 1990
Images are for the end of the named month!

NCEP Daily Averaged Sea Ice Climatology

Climatology of month-end ice cover:
January January
February February
March March
April April
May May
June June
July July
August August
September September
October October
November November
December December

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