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Using JavaScript you can control animations of the last 14 days of sea ice figures in this region. This page is for the Alaska region ice pack. There will be a reference figure -- today's ice cover -- fixed on the right of the screen. You will need JavaScript enabled (and a JavaScript-capable browser such as Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer) and will need to load the images (if you've got 'automatically load images' set, which is the default both browsers are shipped with, you don't need to do anything). You can also get a look at last year's ice cover on the same date by clicking 'last year'.

Please note that since these are small area images, their area of coverage will move from time to time.

Note from 4 January 2000: Due to user feedback from Alaska, we have reduced the span to 14 days from 30. This will speed up the loading and, according to the feedback, still provide a long enough look-back for users to get a good sense of the changes in the area's ice pack. Older images are available as always in Further feedback is welcome!
Last Modified 17 June 2004

Current Status Interactive Control
reference figure animation window

Comparable page for the Northern Hemisphere ice pack
Comparable page for the Southern Hemisphere ice pack
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