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This page contains links to sea ice model forecasts. The publicly available model guidance is for the drift of points in the ice pack. An experiment with longer range ice guidance, begun in June 1998 at the request of NWS Alaska Region resulted in the approval in January 2001 of extending the operational guidance to day 16, from the then-limit of 6 days.

Model graphics now at Guidance&model=polar&area=polar&cycle=20160523 00 UTC¶m=ice_drift&fourpan=no&imageSize=&ps=area, a system with 24x7 support. The numeric quantity given is tenths of nautical miles, such that a value of 22 means 2.2 nautical miles drift.

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This page is now historical reference only. Support for sea ice drift was abandoned late 2019.

Last modified 4 June 2020.

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NCEP Operational Ice Drift Forecast Model

Guidance maps for Alaska Region

Guidance maps for Alaska Region (~ 30 K each)
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