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MMAB Sea Ice Analysis Page

Starting 3 January 2020: Unsupported. Web + ftp distribution from polar discontinued.

Starting 19 June 2018: Use SSMI on DMSP F-15, SSMI-S on DMSP F-17 and F-18, and AMSR2

Starting NN NNNN 201N: Use SSMI on DMSP F-15, SSMI-S on DMSP F-17 and F-18

Starting 19 June 2012, sea ice concentration analysis is done using the SSMI on DMSP F-15, and SSMI-S on DMSP F-17.

Starting 11 October 2011, sea ice concentration alaysis was done using SSMI on DMSP F-15.

From May 2009 to 4 October 2011, when data stopped, sea ice concentration analysis was done with AMSR-E data and the NASA TEAM2 algorithm. The high resolution grid is unchanged, still 12.7 km resolution. SSMI F-13 was used until it ceased providing data entirely late 2009. F-15 was removed from use in February 2009 due to excessive data contamination on one of the sensors used for clearing weather. This did not affect ice concentrations themselves, but lead to erroneously considering areas to be ice, or not ice, in the weather filter.

One noticeable change in the analysis from May, 2009 to October 2011 versus earlier and later periods, is that there is more area of high concentration, and concentrations are higher. Consequently, computations of area from the analysis grids will be biased high compared to earlier times.

Current High Resolution (12.7 km) Ice Analyses

Southern Hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere
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Lower (25.4 km) Resolution Current Ice

The current sea ice state is important for both modeling efforts, such as the sea ice model and the global weather model, and for sea ice analysts, such as at the Anchorage WFO. Consequently we produce two sorts of field. One is suitable for use by models, the global field. And the other is suitable for use by an analyst. The analyst can apply intelligence and additional data sources to produce a superior final product in his area of responsibility.

For more detail on the data source, quality control, and processing methods, see the Automated Passive Microwave Analysis ... and TN 315 documents.

The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere ice concentration images are live maps. If you select a point on these images, you'll get a magnified image of the region for about 550 km (300 nautical miles) around that point. The orientation of the maps may be different from the full hemisphere image.

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Most Recent NCEP Automated Ice Concentration Fields

concentration color bargif of the Alaska Region map
Sea of Okhotsk and Sea of Japan - current figure
concentration color bar
Global ice cover as used for numerical weather, wave, and ocean prediction.
Global map with missing data filled in

Sea Ice Daily Analyses and Images

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