Hawaii Pacific Ocean Products

PLEASE, note that there is time delay of about 8 hours before update to allow all data to be in place!

SSM/I wind retrievals, QuikSCAT winds, surface observations, and GFS pressure fields
Product \ Time 00Z 06Z 12Z 18Z
  SSM/I Surface Wind Speed  (OMBNN3*) in knots  W   W   W   W 
SSM/I Columnar Water Vapor (OMBNN3*) in mm  V   V   V   V 
SSM/I Columnar Liquid Water (OMBNN3*) in mm x 100  L   L   L   L 
QuikSCAT Surface Winds in knots QuikSCAT ceased providing data in 2009
Ocean Surface Wind Observations (buoys & ships) in knots  O   O   O   O 
GFS Sea Level Pressure Analysis in mb  A   A   A   A 
*) All SSM/I retrievals are performed by the OMBNN3 neural network algorithm

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Last changed 18 August 2014