SSM/I Surface Winds Statistics (algorithms and sensors comparison)

Comparison: NCEP Operational1SSM/I Neural Network Algorithm (OMBNN3)

and Shared Processing Project Operational Algorithm (SPP)

1OMBNN3 is  used at NCEP operationally since April 1998

Global Statistics (Bias & RMSE); +/- 1 hour temporal window and +/- 50 km spatial window
were used to create buoy SSM/I collocations.
All statistics are calculated using real time buoy data which are not quality controlled!!!

Monthly Statistics since October 2000
Algorithms comparison:
Wind Speed Bias (dashed curves) in m/sec   &   Wind Speed RMSE (solid curves) in m/sec
                                        Red - OMBNN3, Blue - SPP.

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Sensors comparison:
Systematic (bias) - dashed curves and random (standard deviation) errors for
F13 - red, F14 - brown, and F15 - blue curves
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Archive (daily statistics since October 2000)

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Last changed 19 January 2010