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Image Viewer Help

Global RTOFS viewer layout
  • Main Menu: Pick from the major categories of Global products and information
  • Image Selections: Select from the list of subregions, parameters, layers, and image size (small/large).
  • Viewer Controls: The controls are, from left to right (with keyboard equivalents in parentheses):
    1. |< : Go to first image (shift left-arrow)
    2. < : Previous image (left-arrow)
    3. Start : Start/Stop animation toggle (space bar)
    4. > : Next image (right-arrow)
    5. >| : Go to last image (shift right-arrow
    6. -Speed+ : Adjust animation speed
    7. Loop : Loop/Sweep/None toggle
    8. Navigator : Current image indicator and navigator control
  • Notes
    1. Loop/Sweep/None toggle switches between a loop through the forecasts (nowcast-24 hr-48 hr-72 hr-96 hr-120 hr-140 hr) to sweep back and forth through the list of selected images (see navigator notes below on image selection).
    2. The Navigator control has three functions: (1) the green dots indicate images loaded and ready to display. The current image is shown as a blue dot in the control. (2) If an image is not available, the viewer will show a red dot at the corresponding position in the loop and will skip over it. (3) If you Control-Click (hold the Ctrl button while clicking) on a green button, it will toggle to red and the viewer will skip that image when you single step or loop it.

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