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Global RTOFS GRiB2 Data Description

Some of the Global RTOFS model data is in GRiB2 format, and will be distributed on both the Operational FTP server (FTPPRD), and the NOMADS data server.

Note that these files contain only surface data.

GRiB2 Data Description

RegionLatsLonsResol.File Name
Alaska40 to 84.7140 to 244.70.3 x 0.3rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_alaska_std.grb2
Arctic60 to 79.92160 to 235.920.08 x 0.08rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_arctic_std.grb2
Bering40 to 67.12155 to 210.920.08 x 0.08rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_bering_std.grb2
Guam0 to 29.92130 to 179.920.08 x 0.08rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_guam_std.grb2
Gulf of Alaska40 to 62195 to 2360.5 x 0.5rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_gulf_alaska_std.grb2
Honolulu0 to 39.92180 to 229.920.08 x 0.08rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_honolulu_std.grb2
Samoa-30 to -0.08170 to 214.720.08 x 0.08rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_samoa_std.grb2
Tropical Pacific-40 to 39130 to 2491 x 1rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_trop_paci_lowres_std.grb2
Western Atlantic10 to 44.72260 to 305.920.08 x 0.08rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_west_atl_std.grb2
Western Conus10 to 59.92210 to 259.920.08 x 0.08rtofs_glo.t00z.Axxx_west_conus_std.grb2

Notes on File Names

A = n (nowcast) or f (forecast)

xxx = 024 (for nowcast); 024, 048, 072, 144 (for forecast)

Variables (for all the files):

u of surface current (m/s)UOGRD
v of surface current (m/s)VOGRD
Temperature (C)WTMPC
Salinity (psu)SALIN
sea surface height relative to geoid (m)SSHG
u of barotropic current (m/s)UBARO
v of barotropic current (m/s)VBARO