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WAVEWATCH III v. 3.14-13 Description of Changes

This page includes a general description of changes made to the WAVEWATCH III v. 3.14 software package, followed by a link to a text file containing the differences in the package files. The text file was generated using a diff command within the subversion version control environment. The diff file can be applied as a patch directly on codes belonging to a previous software package version. The WAVEWATCH III package version changes described below are tagged v. 3.14-13. The patch using the diff file below can be applied to original, unchanged code lines from version 3.14-12 that are included in the diff file below.

  Summary of changes

General Descriptor: Split communicator bug fix

model/ftn subdirectory

  • wminitmd.ftn: Fix format 9061 to remove warning. Use MPI_COMM_NULL in checks.
  • wmiopomd.ftn: Use MPI_COMM_NULL in checks.
  • wmgridmd.ftn: Use MPI_COMM_NULL in checks.
  • wmwavemd.ftn: Use MPI_COMM_NULL in checks.

model/bin subdirectory

  • make_MPI: Reset of internal options.
  • comp.Portland Reset of internal options.
  • comp.Intel Reset of internal options.

  diff file

From the directory to be updated, use patch command, set to ignore directories at level one (eg, patch -p1).

Posted October 2, 2012
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