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Analysis and forecast products are available on the MMAB web pages for ocean winds (both from analysis and satellite sensing), ocean waves, marine visibility (both coastal and open ocean), vessel icing, and sea ice. The products are at different levels of completeness or support, with operationaloperational being the most supported, experimentalexperimental being intermediate, and developmentaldevelopmental the lowest. Developmental products are available only to people involved in product evaluation. Experimental products will replace the current operational products once they've been proven to be superior. In the mean time, they cannot be assumed with operational confidence to be produced, nor will the graphics necessarily be constructed or disseminated.

You can reach the products by selecting the name, which will take you to the appropriate page. The page will also describe the products and their use as well as including links to the images.

EXPERIMENTAL: Marine Hazard Summary Map

Marine HazardSummary Figure

We produce a summary figure for marine hazards modelled or analyzed by the MMAB. This summary is intended to be for 00 Z of the current day.
Hazards currently included are:

Clicking on the name of a hazard in the above list will take you to the branch page which deals with that item in detail. As this is an experimental product we are particularly interested in your comments on how to make it more useful. Please write with your suggestions.

More about the hazard map(s)

Ocean Waves
Sea Ice
Marine Meteorology Sea Surface Temperatures
Real-Time Ocean Forecast System
Regional Ocean Forecast System
Hazard Summary

Additional Information Digital Products

Operational products (only) page
Experimental products (only) page
Developmental products (only) page
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