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Authors: Arun Chawla, Deanna Spindler, Hendrik Tolman EMC/NCEP/NOAA
Title:WAVEWATCH III Hindcasts with Re-analysis winds†. Initial report on model setup
Additional Bibliographic Information:100
MMAB Contribution Number:291
Keywords:WAVEWATCH III, Hindcasts, Reanalysis, CFSRR, waves
Abstract:This report contains the setup that we have developed to undertake a wave hindcast study using the WAVEWATCH III model. This model will be run with the new NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis Reforecast (CFSRR) 30-year homogeneous data set of hourly 1/2◦ spatial resolution winds, to generate a wave climatology. This report contains detailed information on the grids that have been developed, the products that are going to be generated and some initial validation results.

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