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Authors: Go. Goni et al. Physical Oceanography Division, AOML
Title:Applications of Satellite-Derived Ocean Measurements to Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasting
Additional Bibliographic Information:Oceanography Vol. 22, No. 3 September 2009, pp. 191-197.
MMAB Contribution Number:285
Keywords:Tropical Cyclones, Altimetry, Ocean Forecasting
Abstract:Sudden tropical cyclone (TC) intensi!cation has been linked with high values of upper ocean heat content contained in mesoscale features, particularly warm ocean eddies, provided that atmospheric conditions are also favorable. Although understanding of air-sea interaction for TCs is evolving, this manuscript summarizes some of the current work being carried out to investigate the role that the upper ocean plays in TC intensi!cation and the use of ocean parameters in forecasting TC intensity.

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