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Authors: Arun Chawla, H. L. Tolman, J. L. Hanson, E-M Devaliere, V. M. Gerald SAIC/MMAB/NCEP
Title:Validation of a Multi-Grid WAVEWATCH III Modeling System
Additional Bibliographic Information:11th Waves Forecasting and Hindcasting Waorkshop, Halifax Nova Scotia
MMAB Contribution Number:281
Keywords:wind wave modeling, altimeter, IMEDS, model validation
Abstract:A detailed multi-year validation of the WAVEWATCH III modeling system at NCEP has been carried out. The modeling system uses the new multi-grid version of the model and represents the global domain using a mosaic of 8 grids. The database of model simulations used for the study include forecast simulations from the period when the system went into operations at NCEP (Dec 2007) and hindcast simulations from 2005-2009. Validation includes comparisons of bulk spectral properties with collocated altimeter data as well as a global network of buoys and a more detailed spectral comparison at select stations using a new spectral analysis tool developed by USACE. Results show a seasonal bias pattern in the Northern Hemisphere. The biases are positive in the central and eastern parts of the ocean basins (particularly the Pacific Ocean) and negative along the western margins. Spectral analysis shows that a significant portion of the positive bias is in the swells. Wind wave part of the spectra generally show a negative bias. In the Southern Hemisphere a persistent positive bias has developed over the years and coincides with an increase in the more energetic components of the input wind field in this region.

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