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Numerical Modelling of the Refraction of Wind Wave Spectra on the Southern Brazilian Coast

José Henrique G. M. Alvestex2html_wrap_inline401 and Eloi Melotex2html_wrap_inline403
tex2html_wrap_inline401School of Mathematics, UNSW, 2052 Sydney, NSW, Australia
tex2html_wrap_inline403Depto. de Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental, UFSC, Brazil


Two numerical models are used to calculate wind wave spectrum transformations in an area of the Southern Brazilian Coast exposed to the South Atlantic Ocean. Using shallow water measurements made at a single point of frequency directional spectra recorded during the arrival of a swell event, estimates of the deep water, spatially homogeneous spectra are made using an inverse refraction model. The deep water spectrum is then forward propagated by using a second spectral refraction model based on a different set of governing equations, providing information about the wave field throughout a numerical grid covering an extensive area. The performance of the forward refraction model is assessed by comparing the numerical calculations to analytical and experimental data.

In: Book of Proceedings of the International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM 97): 1778-1782. Hobart, Australia, 1997.

Jose H. (Rique) Alves
Fri Dec 10 17:23:44 EST 1999