SSM/I Products Description 
There are seven maps per region:

  • SSM/I derived - Surface Wind Speeds (knots),
  • SSM/I derived - Columnar Water Vapor - Precipital Water (mm) ,
  • SSM/I derived - Columnar Liquid Water (100 x mm),
  • SSM/I derived - SST (deg. C),
  • ERS2 derived - Wind Vectors (knots),
  • Ocean Surface Wind Observations (knots), and
  • GFS Sea Level Pressure Analysis (mb)

  • Maps are available for data at four time periods: 00Z, 06Z, 12Z or 18Z, where 00Z = 00 (12:00 AM) Greenwich Mean Time and within the time window of '+/- 3 hours.  It may be a time delay of about 8 hours before data update!
    Each SSM/I regional plot is a composite of the three DMSP (SSM/I) satellites: F11, F13 and F14.

    See The Use of SSM/I Data in Operational Marine Analisis  for more detailes about NCEP SSM/I products.

    Neural Network algorithm (OMBNN3) is used to retrieve atmospheric variables from the SSM/I brightness temperatures.
    For more information about the OMBNN3 algorithm see: OMBNN3 page and for NN tutorial see NN tutorial page

    A multi-parameter empirical ocean algorithm for SSM/I retrievals by: Krasnopolsky, V.M., W.H. Gemmill, and L.C. Breaker, 1998,Technical Note, OMB Contribution No. 154, NOAA/NCEP/EMC, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, in press
    A New Transfer Function for SSM/I Based on an Expanded Neural Network Architecture by: Krasnopolsky VM, WH Gemmill & LC Breaker, NCEP, EMC technical note OMB Contribution No. 137 (1996), Camp Springs, MD, 38 pp. 
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