QuikSCAT Product Description

This page provides a brief description of QuikSCAT wind vector product.  For additional information about SeaWinds or QuikSCAT, please visit JPL's Scatterometer web site.

Figure below portrays current QuikSCAT retrieval process, which consists of several steps:

  •     Processing satellite measurements (sigma0s) using JPL retrieval algorithm and deriving up to 4 solutions (wind vectors) at JPL, NASA
  •     Generating 6 hours forecast for global winds (First Guess) at NCEP, NOAA
  •     Comparing multiple JPL solutions for wind vectors with the NCEP first guess wind vectors and selecting one selected wind vector at NESDIS, NOAA


    As a result of this retrieval process, wind vectors are produced each of which represents a wind vector cell of the size 25 x 25 km with 72 cells along the scan line (swath width is 1800 km).

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    Last changed 19 January 2010