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EMC/MMAB Automated Gulf Stream Finder

This is a collaboration between the Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch and the Ocean Prediction Center, both of NCEP, to develop an automated means of locating the Gulf Stream from marine model output. The goal is to provide timely, accurate, guidance to marine forecasters on the Gulf Stream's location, present and future, so as to be able to improve forecasts of wave state. The model currently being used is the Atlantic Real-Time Ocean Forecast System from the MMAB.

The automated finder works by using genetic algorithms to evolve functions whose maxima are nearest the 'known' locations of the Gulf Stream. The analysis of of Gulf Stream position from the Navy, provided 3 times per week by manual analysis of various surface temperature data, is taken as the known location.

The automated finder currently works from input provided by the model's sea surface elevation field. From preliminary testing, this has shown both to provide the best analysis agreement, and the best deviations. That is, in general, it agrees well with the analysis when one is available, but its disagreements favor the use to which OPC forecasters will be making of it -- making dynamical corrections to wave forecasts. The relevant dynamics may be slightly offset from the thermal fields, both in reality and in the model.

Please send comments and questions about the finder itself to Robert Grumbine.
Comments and questions about improving wave forecasts by making use of this product should be sent to Joseph Sienkiewicz.
Last Modified 1 July 2013

Experimental Gulf Stream kml output

Even more experimental Loop Current kml output

Day 1
You can ftp the files from Go to directory gsf.YYYYMMDD for your day of interest, where YYYY MM DD are the 4 digit year, 2 digit month (01-12) and 2 digit day (01-31).
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