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NOAA Regional Ocean Forecast System (Ver. 3.6)

WARNING: This Webpage is not active as this model has been replaced by RTOFS, as the operational ocean model. Please click on this link for further information. The contents of this page are for historical purposes only. Rofs was retired operationally in October, 2007.

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Brief description

The purpose of Regional Ocean Forecast System (ROFS) was to generate daily nowcasts (i.e. analysis) and short-term (of order of days) forecasts of ocean properties for the coastal ocean of the United States. The development of ROFS for the U.S. East coast began in 1991 and it was implemented as experimental real time forecasting system in August, 1993. ROFS is based on hydrodynamic, three-dimensional ocean circulation model driven driven at the ocean surface boundary by heat, moisture, and momentum fluxes provided by NCEP's NAM mesoscale atmospheric forecast model. For description of ROFS nowcast - two days forecast cycle read ROFS Description .

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The daily output was evaluated by marine forecasters of NCEP's Ocean Prediction Center in Camp Springs, MD.

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Available Graphical Products

The following forecast fields shown were available on our unrestricted web site were only samples of real-time daily products.

Sea Surface Temperature
Temperature at 200m Depth
Bottom Temperature
Surface (top model layer) Salinity
Salinity at 200m Depth
Surface (estimated at 1m depth) Current
Current at 200m Depth
Surface Water Level

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Other relevant information

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